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Jose Marin story

Trino Marin was born within the us on Feb 15, 1964. Aquarius is his zodiac sign. Trino Marine is island Marin’ real name. Trino, on the opposite hand, may be a a lot of well-known name. He also comes from a Christian menage Associate in Nursingd is of mixed heritage. Jose was born in yankee country|North American nation} on February 15, 1964, and rose to fame once marrying Jenni Rivera, an American singer-songwriter. as a result of the couple unbroken their married life personal throughout the first stages of their relationship, there’s very little info regarding Jose.

Jose is additionally of Mexican origin and holds an American-Mexican passport. His folks raised him principally in North American nation before relocating to the us. once he touched to the us is unknown. Given his meeting along with his spouse whereas still in high school, we will assume he moved while he was comparatively young.



Jose Marin 2022

José island Marín profile outline

Real name: Jose Trinidad Marin

Nickname: Trino

Date of Birth: Feb 15, 1964 (57 years old)

Birthplace: United States

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: five feet ten inches

Weight: sixty seven Approx

Wife: Jenni Diego Rivera (m. 1984–1992)

Children: archangel Marin, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos

Occupation: Retired building manager 

Jose island Marin skilled career

Jose did a range of wierd jobs to create ends meet once he and Jenni at the start started dating. round the same time, he found employment as a restaurant manager, and he began to make a snug living. He additionally suggested Jenni to not attend school and instead lodge in home with their kids and family. Rivera, understandably, failed to consider him, and also the scenario escalated into physical abuse. He also touched on along with his life once his divorce from Jenni and started a replacement life in Riverside County.

Jose Marin relationship

Jose Marin 0022

within the year 1984, the couple changed vows. Jose was solely twenty years recent once he married Jenni, and Jenni was only 15. Jenni was already expecting her 1st child at the time of their wedding. once you marry the person you’re keen on the most, you’ve got a precise expectation that everything can work out. Jenni, likewise, hoped that her marriage would work out. sadly for her, her marriage was fraught with difficulties and continual abuse. Her husband not only physically raped her, however he additionally sexually abused her sister and 2 girls.

Jose and his ex-wife Jenni have 3 kids along

Jenni was still in highschool once the previous lovers became folks for the primary time. On Gregorian calendar month 26th, 1985, she gave birth to her oldest child, a daughter named Chiquis Rivera. Despite the actual fact that Jenni became a mother when she was still in her teens, she was ready to complete high school and supply for her child. Jenni and Marin received their second child, a daughter known as Jacqueline, on Nov 20th, 1989, a number of years once their first. They became folks to a newborn boy known as archangel a number of years later, on Gregorian calendar month 11, 1991. within their varied fields, all 3 of them are succeeding. Chiquis, the oldest, followed in her mother’ footsteps and have become a singer. Meanwhile, the opposite 2 went on to figure as actors in English and Mexican films and tv series.

Jose island Marin and Jenni Diego Rivera single in 1992

Jenni ultimately set to decision it equal after years and years of mental torment. In the early 1990s, she filed for divorce, and it had been finalized in 1992. Diego Rivera was two-handed custody of her 3 children. Jenni at the start indicated that she filed for divorce from Jose owing to his physical and mental abuse of her. She didn’t conclude regarding her ex-sexual husband’ abuse scandal till many years once the divorce, in 1997.

Trino’s molestation to his girl and in-law

Jenni Rivera’ first husband had injured Janney and Jacqueline Marn, Jenni’ daughters. Following that, the individual continues to serve his sentence in prison. we have a tendency to all grasp that the band’ Diva, Jenni Rivera, had an extended and fruitful musical career, however her personal life was a special story. the large lady, i used to be unendingly handling several personal issues, and several other partners within the process. However, one amongst the foremost shaping moments in the singer’ life occurred once she discovered that her 43-year-old husband, Trino Marn, had raped his own kids, Chiquis and Jacqie, in addition as her sister-in-law, Rosie Diego Rivera, after they were each very little girls. The late singer Jenni Rivera found that her husband, José island Marn, higher called Trino Marn, had ill-treated his own daughters in 1992, consistent with the portal. The operatic star of the Band was placed in the hands of the Justice once learning this awful fact. Trino Marin, sadly for the Diego Rivera family, managed to escape and has been a fugitive for the past nine years.

once authorities were ready to apprehend Trino Marn in 2006, Jenni Rivera steeled herself and disclosed the entire factor on television; after the massive girl explained what happened, an exponent discovered the fugitive’ whereabouts. additionally to the help of a retired FBI agent who power-assisted Jenni and her family in catching it.

The nightmare continued

Despite the actual fact that Jenni Rivera’ then-husband, Trino Marn, had already been apprehended, it had been time to maneuver on to the legal process, that had been a unquiet expertise for the whole family. Given this, the operatic star Diamond State la Banda admitted that it had been a tough amount for her, however that she made up our minds to not hand over since she wished to be Associate in Nursing example for all ladies in similar situations. The musician argued the subsequent throughout the judicial process, consistent with the document reported  by the outlet right now:

“Yes, we have a tendency to had to revive things that we had already buried, but I think it’s necessary for a full recovery, my mission is to assist others who have skillful constant thing.”

throughout this time, a choose gave the litigator unleash once posting a $1 million bond, inflicting Trino Marn to mock Lupillo Diego Rivera in court and his son archangel to be crushed up against his father.

The trial of Trino Marín

José island Marn was found guilty of between six and eight serious crimes, together with lewd acts with a minor, abuse, and aggravated regulatory offence against a minor, in 2007, once many months of trials. He was sentenced to thirty one years in prison.

He has requested that his sentence be down which he be freed on bond permanently behavior on 2 occasions, however his counsel has refused, and Trino Marn remains in prison. throughout a Univision interview, Rosie Rivera, a victim of her in-law Trino Marn, delineate the primary time she was abused by him:

“Chiquis and that i were taking part in Barbies, and he came in. He asked him to come back out and he asked me if I wished to play, let’s play love games and brought a quilt. He began to kiss my neck and bit wherever nobody had touched Pine Tree State ”. Chiquis Rivera, for one, aforesaid that his father sexually raped Image once she was between the ages of eight and 12.

“We were coming back from the beach and once I visited the lavatory to wash and acquire the sand out, he came in and Sat me naked between his legs. There it happened for the primary time ”. consistent with another source, Marin once molested his workers within the building and since of that action he got discharged from his job. At this time, the sole factor that’s glorious is that Trino Marin continues to be in prison, and it’s been wide reported  that his sentence has been down by [*fr1] in an effort to induce him call at the approaching months, however this info has not been confirmed.

Jamie Marin, who was raped between the ages of eight and 12, said, “I simply need to inform my father that i like him which I forgive him.” “He might not believe it, but i like him.”

Marin didn’t make eye contact along with his girl or alternative members of the family throughout his sentencing in urban center Superior Court, despite multiple tries to talk on to him. once asked if he wished to create a remark, he cask his head and said, “No.”

Marin, who committed his murders in Long Beach, was suspect in 1997 however remained on the run till this year. 3 counts of indecent conduct upon a child, three counts of oral sex activity of a minor, one offense of aggravated regulatory offence, and one case of continuous sexual assault were found guilty by a jury on could 9.

ten Facts On Jose island

  1. Jose Trinidad includes a nickname called Trino Marin.
  2. Deceased singer Jenni Rivera’s ex Jose Trinidad is presently fifty six years of age, born within the year 1964. he’s glorious to celebrate his birthday on the fifteenth of February.
  3. Speaking of his wife, Jose Trinidad was married to singer Jenni Rivera. They met for the primary time in highschool and shortly got married in 1984. However, they split in 1992.
  4. Talking regarding his family, hardly any details on Trinidad’ Parents are known. However, he includes a brother but, still, the name isn’t revealed.
  5. Now, coming back to his offspring, Jose island has 3 kids along with his ex-wife Jenni. He has 2 girls and a son. His eldest daughter’s name is Chiquis Diego Rivera and also the younger one is Jacqie Campos. His son’s name is archangel Marin.
  6. Jose is presently in jail condemned of rape and sexual assault.
  7. Jose’s wedding to Jenni was over by her on the grounds of emotional abuse on his part.
  8. Trinidad is charged for sexually abusing Jenni’s sister Rosie and his daughter Chiquis Diego Rivera and Jacqie Campos.
  9. Trino was sentenced to thirty one years of jail with no parole in 2007.
  10. Jose met along with his younger girl Jacquie within the year 2017. Jacquie additionally announce photos along with her father and also asked others to forgive and provides him a second likelihood in life.


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